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Chep de Sanae

Ih Chep de Sanae, or The Game of Spots, is commonly played in Lynvia. the basic elements are a board, often made of leather for portability, two bags of 36 blue and 36 red stones, and two six-sided chance cubes, or dice.

For those who wish to play this game, a document to the right under Resources, provides the means to print your own game board and pieces on durable cardstock.

The game board is shown in a graphic above. The pieces are small red or blue stones, with spots underneath to indicate the rank and abilities of the piece. There are 36 red stones and 36 blue stones, representing the Flag, King, Queen, Captain, Lieutenant, Knight, Wizard, Dragon, and Footmen.

The main goal of the game is to capture the opponent's Flagstone, commonly called a Void, as the stone actually has no spot underneath.