Daedal Chedeth

Daedal Chedeth, or 'The Land of the Light' is a beautiful land of rolling hills and lush valleys. It got its name from the tremendous struggle to reclaim this land from the dragons. It was the first region to be contested between the dragons and the Lynvians, and was the only area to be clearly won from the dragons by right of conquest.


5 PL
Sir Draken managed to gain a foothold across the Red River by travelling across the river by night at the Ford of Dirin. A lucky shot with an iron arrow into the maw of a red dragon brought down the first beast. By dipping their arrows in the dragon's blood, they formed weapons that could pierce the dragon's scaly skin. Using the arrows, they took down several score of the noble creatures within the year. The dragons became more adept at attacking from behind, and decimated Draken's army. But a core team of a dozen knights drove into the central village of the dragons and began killing indiscriminately. The dragons fled with their wives and young, leaving the region permanently.
11 PL
The Treaty of Kest formally established Vrakev as one of the seven provinces of Lynvia. Once the Treaty was signed, a baron was assigned to the region, and his keep was built along the shores of the Red River north of Tarth, near the shores of Lake Claw.


The current leader of this province is Baron Tharet.