Daedal Korar

A beautiful forested region situated between the Baz and Zallum Rivers, this peaceful-looking region filled with deer and quaint river villages has seen more than its fair share of fighting and bloodshed.
This disputed region of Lynvia has long been the bastion of defense against the hordes of female warriors in Xarnan.


192 PL
Daedal Korar was officially declared a territory of Lynvia by King D'Tyn, when iron was discovered in the Baz and Zallum Rivers, and upstream in the mountains mines were dug to retrieve the important material. The region had historically been a simple forest hunting ground for small villages situated at the mouths or along these two rivers, but the mines changed all that.
207 PL
Daedal Korar was invaded by an army of Xarnan warriors. This peaceful region was caught off guard, and while the men fought bravely to protect their homes, the families fled into Daedal Vrakev across the Baz River. The warriors had invaded to sieze the iron mines for armament and weapons.
209 PL
In 209 PL, the current king of Lynvia, King Alyn, gathered four thousand men armed with swords and bows, with several hundred knights in chain mail, to defend the borders of Lynvia and protect the vital iron mines. The army crossed the Baz River in several hundred boats under cover of night, and engaged the enemy in their camps. The Xarnans fought bravely but were caught off guard and escaped in the dark into the forests of Daedal Korar, or the Province of Lions.
With most of their number dead or dying, the raiding parties fled in the dark back across the Zallem River, and returned less than a month later with an army of several thousand.
Thus began the First War of Korar, which lasted from April 209 to November 209, when it became so bitterly cold the Zallem and Baz Rivers froze over, and an army of ten thousand women marched across and overwhelmed the defenders at the city of Chelith. The Lynvian army fought bravely in the streets, but the Xarnan archers were uncanny in their accuracy and the army was decimated. King Alyn was pierced with many arrows and died of his wounds on the battlefield, having accounted for himself well with more than thirty Xarnans slain around him.

His son Synress became king as soon as the word was brought to him, at the age of fifteen. This teen king mustered every man in Lynvia and marched from Streff Castle to the River Baz, himself on foot as was his men. Farmers with sickles, blacksmiths with hammers, all bent on one purpose - to avenge the death of their beloved king and drive the invaders off Lynvian soil.
When they arrived at Chelith, they found the city burned, the population fled or slaughtered. No Xarnan was found on Lynvian soil, not even their dead. Synress purposed to cross the Zallem, but a rain of deadly flaming arrows set the forest around them on fire, and they were forced to retreat into the Korar Forest. Synress was wounded, and against his wishes he was transported back to Streff to recover. His father's brother Kodan stayed behind as general, to defend the borders. Because of his valiant efforts, he was able to keep Xarnan at bay for the entirety of Synress' reign.
To assist in protecting the borders, Kodan built a massive fortress against the mountain beside the Zallem River. He placed a permanent guard there, and it became the capital of the Daedal Korar.
244 PL
When Synress died, his son Karvath took over. The day after his coronation, he went with a detail of twenty knights to seek peace with Xarnan.
The Treaty of Karvath ended the fighting, and prompted the Xarnans to trade with Lynvia peaceably.