Eastern Kraxoria

Eastern Kraxoria is an awe-inspiring range of mountains to the North of Lynvia. These snow-capped majestic wonders mark the northern border of Lynvia, per the Treaty of Kest in the year 11 PL (Pahket Lynvia).


11 PL
The Treaty of Kest truly marked the beginning of the Kingdom of Kraxoria. Prior to this momentous Accord, dragons terrorized villages at random, and many of these noble creatures were killed to protect property, livestock, and the villagers.
The treaty gave the dragons the mountains to the North and West, and segregated the Lynvians into the plains, down to the Fem, or Green, Mountains to the south. The treaty gave the dragons and rulers of Lynvia the right to conduct inter-species commerce and to be involved in affairs of state, and to protect their borders.
The first dragon king was Kass, a green dragon who had managed to painstakingly learn the Lynvian language so he could communicate with King Kest in his native tongue, rather than simply using dragon magic.
351 PL
After 340 years, Kass decided to step down as king and allow a young white dragon named Martaz to assume the rulership.
476 PL
In the year 476, Martaz came to an untimely end while investigating a warp gate into a land with no magic. His son, Gartik, a blue dragon, took over the kingdom.
637 PL
Gartik served as king for nearly 200 years, until he was killed by a Xarnan raiding party. Gartik was young and left no heir, so his best friend Grrathnak took his place as king, and wreaked terrible retribution on the Xarnan nation.
784 PL
After Grrathnak had been serving as king for nearly 150 years, his brother Tark staged a coup to wrest power from him by force. While the coup failed, it divided the dragons so markedly that Grrathnak agreed to divide the kingdom into an Eastern and Western kingdom. Tark's line would rule Western Kraxoria, whereas Grrathnak's line would rule Eastern Kraxoria. The dividing line was agreed upon as the White River. However, since this river divided and rejoined, the mountain isolated by the river was considered common, or disputed, ground.


The mountains of Kraxoria are known for their rich veins of iron and silver. However, because of the Treaty of Kest, the mountains are not mined any longer.


The dragons are ruled by a monarchy. The king dragon may step down and pass on his position to either a son or daughter of his own choosing. In lieu of a publicly announced choice, rule descends to the oldest male heir.


This mountainous region is off-limits to Lynvian citizens. It is part of the Kingdom of Kraxoria.