Streff is the capital city of Lynvia. It has a population of nearly ten thousand souls. The city has an old quarter and a new quarter. The old quarter is near to the castle, and is protected by a twenty foot tall wall. When called upon, the townfolk can take up arms, mainly bows, to defend the walls. If necessary, the townsfolk can retreat across the drawbridge into the castle. The gates are rarely closed, however, even at night, as there is little fear of bandits raiding so close to the castle.

The newer quarter is much larger, the homes further apart. There is no protective wall around the new quarter. The townspeople from the new quarter, however, can retreat to the Old Quarter for protection. Since there is no protective wall around this area of the city, the townsfolk take turns on patrol at night, armed with bows and horns to sound the alarm, in case of attack by bandits.

The city mainly trades in clothing, milk, meat and grains from the farmland surrounding the castle, both from the Province of Future Good (Daedal Wrenet) and the neighboring Banner Province (Daedal Inel).