The Parable of the talents

A Riveting Message

While sitting in a church service one warm spring day, only half listening to the sermon, our pastor Tim Lampley started talking about the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25. He said, "This talent the wicked servant went and buried didn't have to be money. It could have been ANYTHING God has gifted you with, that you are NOT using for His kingdom."

I sat bolt upright as these words sank home and God grabbed me, as it were, by the throat. "That's YOU," God seemed to say. "YOU are that wicked servant. What have you done with all the talents I invested in YOU?"

The admonition was valid. God had gifted me with an overdose of creativity, and I had squandered it, spending decades without producing any fruit in that area. So I determined that day to use the rest of my life to invest in songs and stories that pointed people to Him.