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Songs in Novels

Why would anyone put songs in NOVELS, anyway? They cannot be heard, unless there's an audiobook version, right? Well, yes and no. Every author would like to make their pages 'sing', but paper doesn't do that. So this page exists, so that, if a reader wants to hear a song from one of the novels with a song in it, they can do that here.

Also, audiobook versions of these novels will have these songs embedded in them. In addition, the ebook versions can have live links to listen to a song. But... why MUSIC?

The answer lies in what music DOES. It reaches beyond the walls we put up in our minds and hearts. It soothes the savage beast inside. It calms the disquieted spirit. It can instruct, encourage, and satisfy the soul, if it is a positive song. If not, it can encourage sin in us, anger, stir up emotions and thoughts perhaps better dealt with at the cross. But scroll down to listen to, and see the lyrics for songs in these books.